Curious Goods: A Review of “The Prophecies, Part II” – Season 3, Episode 2 of Friday The 13th: The Series

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How can a program take a beloved character, write them “out” of the show, but sitll provide them with the respect a fanbase will appreciate and be safisfied by? in an era of thousands-of-options-to-watch, this feat is not only rare, but exceedingly difficult to pull off. As we come to the beginning of Season 3, and say “Goodbye” to Ryan Dallion, were the creators and writers able to pull of the exit, stage left of John D. Lemay? There’s only one way to find out! Time to cue up the most-recent episode of The Curious Goods Podcast! An always-educational Retelling, Revisit and Detailed Review of each episode of the hit 80’s cult television show, Friday The 13th: The Series, Season 3, Episode 2 – “The Prophecies – Part II.”

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