The Field of Dreams Perspective Review...

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It’s been the focus of many conversations in the past: “Wouldn’t it be cool if they would have a baseball game ON the same field they made Field of Dreams on?” While it’s NOT the exact same field (that is much smaller, and not ready for prime time), Major League Baseball eventually took the time to: 1.) Build the field, 2.) Plan on connecting two professional teams and 3.) Generate the appropriate amount of buzz an PR needed to foster it (especially after a Pandemic). The result was stupendous, the game was dramatic, an will generate another in the coming year. Are you a fan of Field of Dreams? Are you young enough that you’ve (gulp…) never seen it? Time to take in the Perspective Review of two Baseball fans who take the time to recognize this grand cinematic sample strike by strike and share now it is TRULY a grand slam of a feature film…

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