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Get FTPerfect - With The Podcaster Matrix!v

$35/mo / Unlimited Space
— Custom Membership Packet
— Podcaster Matrix T-Shirt (Up to 2X)
— Secure – One-of-a-Kind FTP Login Only – Your Shows Available on a Speedy, Trusted, Experienced Server – BOOM!

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Let's Make Your World Perfect - With The Podcaster Matrix!

$45/mo / Unlimited Space
…Everything in FTPerfect Package +
— WordPress-ability
— Plain Art – No Extra Money
— Custom-Built Template, Implementation for and Linking to All of Your Podcast Outlets (RSS, Podcast Directories, Social Media and More…)
— Library Creation for Your Entire Library (Includes One Standard Paragraph, Description, Generic Feature Art and Link per episode*)
— Domain Name: Just $8 Annually (pointing to your complete library at The Podcaster Matrix)

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Let's Make a PerfectWorld - With The Podcaster Matrix!

$65/mo / Unlimited Space
Everything in FTPerfect, The WorldPerfect Package +

— Promotion: Always Featured, Promote You Through “The Maximixer” — a platform that leverages Our Extensive and Growing Social Media Footprint and Partnerships
— Download Statistics: advanced Blubrry (IAM Compliant) Statistics
— Custom Episode Art: $10/mo (4 Custom Agreed-to Art Options/Month – More Are Available at Extra Cost)

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Additional Services:

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Interested in Recording in Dedicated Podcast Studio Space in the St. Louis area?

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Thought about becoming a Voiceover artist?