Curious Goods: A Review of “Demon Hunter” – Season 3, Episode 3 of Friday The 13th: The Series

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We all have family, but – what have they done for you lately? What lengths would you go to make sure that your family were “taken care of?” Would you hunt down those who would do you harm? Would you venture into well-lit cornfields and barns across country Canadian burgs to ensure righteousness? It’s time to grab your guns, pile into the family truckster van and begin kicking a variety of demon worshipping asses? If you’re likely do jump in with both feet and a shotgun and cue up the most-recent episode of The Curious Goods Podcast! An always-educational Retelling, Revisit and Detailed Review of each episode of the hit 80’s cult television show, Friday The 13th: The Series, Season 3, Episode 3 – “Demon Hunter.”

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