The Animal Academy Podcast: Coveting Your Passions and Thriving - A Conversation with Jane Miller

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You’ve heard it likely as long as you’ve been able to want a great life for yourself – follow your passions and you’ll never work a day in your life. From the time she was a little girl, Jane Miller always wanted to be the next Jane Goodall – and the original passionate die was cast. Now, decades later, Jane has been able to help other people deal with their lives, and the traumas in their lives and is going great work that combines both the passions she’s made a career and the skill sets as a psychotherapist. Tonite, inside this episode of The Animal Academy Podcast, host Allison White visits with Jane who shares the details she hopes others can use to combine their passions to also live out a life that they too will love. All this and more is featured inside this episode of The Animal Academy Podcast…

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