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While we can talk about love being unconditional, we know that there are limiations and instances in people’s lives when – it’s doesn’t happen or wasn’t meant to be. On the other hand, one love, that IS UNIVERSAL, regardless of the culture, country, childhood experiences or anything else – is the instant and undeniable collective love for PUPPIES. Inside this episode of The Animal Academy Podcast, host Allison White launches the discussion into our beloved plump and often perplexing piles of awesome with newly minted Puppy Mama, Tori Peacock! Between what Tori is experiencing with her Yorky pup Byron, and the antics, lessons and love that are quickly collecting over at Allison’s own house with “PJ” a delicious, precocious new Golden puppy, well, prepare yourself for outstanding discussion, detail and inforation that’ll prepare you and your family should they choose to pake the proverbial puppy plunge!

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