Small Business Saturdays: Avoiding Overwhelm...

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Being a Small Business Owner is – JOY. It provides you with challenges, it fills your life and time but – there is a time when you will find your way to the kindgon of OVERWHELM. A place and time in your small business experience when your responsibilities, expectations, tasks and obligations will find their way to a nexus of stress, time and deadlines. What does this do? In the short term it puts our minds and bodies into a state that allows us to take on the challenge but – that can’t be done forever. The fix? You need to remember and TRY to avoid being overswhelmed. Thankfully, Small Business Saturday host Aaron Montgomery provides you with what’s important to remember, what steps you can potentially take and most importantly – how to OVERCOME being overwhelmed. It’s all inside this most-recent episode and will help you and your business fly sky high!

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