The Animal Academy Podcast: Detailing the Training & Experience Involved When Working with Those Who Work with Animals

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When one says the words “Veterinary Social Work” you might think of a human talking to an animal that is laying atop a couch in a soothing room with candles, approriate lighting and deep thought. While ongoing deep thought is a componant of Verterinary Social Work, what we’re referring to specifically is learning how to train humans to interact with the people that make carrying out daily tasks with animals on an ongoing basis. This can include farmers, veterinary receiptionists, rescue workers and those reacting to disasters across the globe. While this seems to already be a wide variety of people to help, the fact isĀ  – it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the need of Veterinary Social Work. Thankfully, Dr. Pam Linden makes her way to the Animal Academy Podcast where host Allison White shares an incredible conversation to detail the schooling, training process and benefits of a new organization making it’s way to help foster the growth and sucess of Veterinary Social Work…

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