Curious Goods: The Prisoner - A Revisit, Retelling and Review of Friday The 13th: The Series - S2E25

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Prison has never been a place for the weak and uncommited. While crimes continue to happen around the globe, what isn’t always involved is – a cursed antique – in this instance, a Kamikazee Bomber Jacket from WWII, CURSED, by the Devil himself! When you mix the periousness of prison, a cused item, and the twisty-turney mystery storytelling featured inside of the cult classic Friday The 13th: The Series, what do you end up with? It’s SIMPLE! It’s the story of “The Prisoner” – Season 2, Episode 25 of a show that premiered in the 80s, but is not featured via The Retelling, Revisit and Complete Educational Detailing of The Curious Goods Podcast! Join hosts Mike & Nick as they share all of it and lay down the verdict of what they thought!

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