Curious Goods: The Butcher - A Revisit, Retelling and Review of Friday The 13th: The Series - S2E19

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The power of Nazi propaganda was unmatched in it’s day, but thanks to courage, a different kind of power and resolve, The Allied forces were able to not only push back the jack-booted menace in WWII, but were able to defeat them to usher in a new age of Freedom. What you might not know is that (in the fictional land of Friday The 13th: The Series at least) one of the Nazi soldiers’s leaders was “frozen in time” in hopes that one day, he would be resurrected into a future time where he could use the larger, vast abilities of persuassion (modern day radio and politics) to make another run at ruling it all. What follows is the review of a grand episode of the 80’s cult classic series, Friday The 13th: The Series, in the form on another episode of The Curious Goods Podcast Find out what happened inside the episode and what Mike & Nick thought about the structure (both good and bad), what stood out in particular, and learn more about a series that should definitely have a future resurrection date of it’s own someday. It’s time for the Curious Goods Podcast, a Retelling, a Revisit and complete detailing of Friday the 13th, The Series – this time – Season 2, Episode 19 – The Butcher.

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