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If you’re a fan of any televison show or feature film, you’d likely thought about – writing a book about your passion for others to behold. When it comes to cursed antiques, the recovery of them, and thereby also overcoming all Devil-ridden danger, there is one show that you’ll likely be referring to. It’s Friday The 13th: The Series! For that ONE series, there is ONE BOOK! Ironically enough it’s called ‘Curious Goods: Behind the Scenes of Friday The 13th: The Series”, written by Alyse Wax. The Curious Goods Podcasts hosts Mike Wilkerson & Nicholas J. Hearne are proud to welcome author Alyse Wax inside their most-recent episode! Ready to talk about The Retelling, Revisit and Complete Educational Detailing of Friday The 13th: The Series? Join Mike, Nick & Alyse as she shares details about her book, career and intense LOVE of Friday The 13th: The Series!

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