A Perspective Review of Ghostbusters (1984) - The Original

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The value of comedy – is a very fickle thing. The only thing more fickle? The feature film horror genre. How can one take these two things, smash them together, sprinkle in a mega-cast of characters and paranormal insight and conjure something that stands the test of time? The answer is simple: Ghostbusters. In 1984, a film was manufactured and distributed to an audience that fell in love with the question, “Who You Gonna’ Call?”, it’s soundtrack and it’s mythos and it has generated it’s own perpetual fandom force that marches on to this day. With a direct third-offering arriving in theaters recently, it’s important to remember what came first, what was classic/horror-comedy and what this original offering hatched fandom that will generate scares and laughs forever. Check out The Perspective Review of Ghostbusters (1984) from 2GuysTalking!

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