Small Business Saturdays: Masterminding Your Way to Success

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YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. There’s a quote that floats around inside The Small Business Saturdays Podcast, and small business worldwide – “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships…” While you’ve (generally) got a collective handle on what you “do” as a small business, what you don’t have is the many years of time, skill and experience that those around you have. Wouldn’t it be cool is there was an activity that you could engage in to learn more about your own business? To grown your OWN skill sets? To learn more about what others know so that – YOUR ship can rise with the others, making the whole greater? That’s the concept and theory of Masterminding. Does it work? Is it REAL? The only way to find out is to listen to the most-recent episode of The Small Business Saturdays Podcast  where host Aaron Montgomery will share how to take action and become part of, benefit from or even build a “Mastermind Group…”

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