Curious Goods: The Sweetest Sting - A Revisit, Retelling and Review of Friday The 13th: The Series - S2E11

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Bees! They’ll make a room polarized pretty quick and well – most will end up on the arm-flailing running-in-fear side. The black and yellow buggers are the centerpiece for this most-recent episode of The Curious Good Podcast, which reviews “The Sweetest Sting” – an episode that focuses on the hunt & recovery of – a cursed antique bee hive. Ready to endure blood-sucking bees that offer the gift of life eternal? The Curious Goods Crew has you covered! It’s time for the Curious Goods Podcast, a Retelling, a Revisit and complete detailing of Friday the 13th, The Series – this time – Season 2, Episode 11 – The Sweetest Sting.

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