Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast: PRISM Showing It's Valuable Colors: The Discoid Meniscus Research Interest Group Discussion

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We all know the value of asking our peers and near-peers what they think when it comes to important decision-making. Ever wonder what happens when you focus – and make the asking and sharing something that a large group of professionals make a priority and then then share collectively each year across their own professions and the ones their work directly impacts? The Research Interest Groups, or RIGs that PRISM (Pediatric Research In Sports Medicine Society) organizes each year continue to deliver valuable, detailed information, trends and experience that are vital to a variety of sports medicine careers. Curious to see how? It’s time to find out more from Dr. Mark Halstead, who welcomes four very special guests to this episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine podcast to share what will help propel the development of sports careers, doctors abilities and physical therapits around the world…

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