Curious Goods: A Review of “Crippled Inside” – Season 3, Episode 4 of Friday The 13th: The Series

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What do YOU fear most? Dying? Losing everything you have? Being paralyzed from the neck down? What if there was a cursed-by-the-Devil antique wheelchair that could almost-instantly – give you back the use of your arms, legs – your LIFE? As with everything “good” inside of Friday The 13th: The Series – there is a cost? What lengths would YOU go to recover complete use of your body as well as to envoke a healthy bit of revenge? Do a couple of healthy jumping jacks as you push the play button here because it’s time to cue up the most-recent episode of The Curious Goods Podcast! An always-educational Retelling, Revisit and Detailed Review of each episode of the hit 80’s cult television show, Friday The 13th: The Series, Season 3, Episode 4 – “Crippled Inside.”

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