Agents of SHIELD Podcast: Our Review of

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The concept of “RESET” isn’t just something many of us wish for, it’s something that is often the centerpiece of stories where things are beginning to END. The final season of a television series is has traditionally been lackluster, showcasing all of the dents, scratches and tired stories that well – have to end so, “let’s just get this done.” If that’s what you thought The Agents of SHIELD Final Season would be, you are sorely mistaken. Inside this episode, the bookends of what was, and what is are not only shared, but showcased as a piece of what you can expect for the final run of this series. Are you ready to head boldly into the time-traveling adventure, filled with powered people, stories of family, and peril that have driven an amazing season so far? It’s time for The Agents of SHIELD Podcast – A Complete, Detailed and Always-Educational Review of each and every episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC and Hulu Streaming – This time, Season 7 – the Final Season, Episode 11: Brand New Day.

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