Agents of SHIELD Podcast: Our Review of “Leap” (S6E10)

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The snatching of bodies – taking control of another’s being – is a storytelling trope that is one filled with peril. It is – dancing on the edge of the storytelling knife. Too far to one side, and you’ve become a gooney horror movie, where over-exagerrated facial expressions and faux voices will turn your story into a farce. The other side? Simply yet another character with a goatee’ and sash to denote that they’re now “evil.” What happens when the connective tissue has been built over a series of years with your entire cast? When the trust of your audience is already solid and following your every word and story turn? It’. Is. Special. It’s time for another episode of The Agents of SHIELD Podcast: a Complete, Detailed and Always-Educational Review of each and every episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC and Hulu-streaming!

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