Digitally Dispatched: Things You Might Not Know About Police Dispatching - Volume 1

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The second week of every April marks a very special, golden remembrance that helps us all to remember the value of people that always say were “called upon” to do what they do for a living. Ironically, we’re not talking about the many law enforcement officers across the globe. We are referring specifically to the people that send each and every one of them into harms way every day of their working lives. The Police Dispatcher is showcased by the “Thin Gold Line” – what many deem to be one of the most vital aspects of modern-day experiences between law enforcement and the general public. Ready to learn more about the “Things You Might Not Know About Police Dispatch” from a 20-year police dispatch veteran? It’s time for another episode of Digitally Dispatched with your host, Lisa Moore…

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