The Batmobiles: Which is YOUR Favorite? Recount Them All with 2GuysTalkingCars!

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It’s an anniversary that far too many forget, but the images, stories and vehicles that the man that wears the cape and cowl conjure are a piece of worldwide nostalgia that will not quit. What did YOU and your friends do to recognize “Batman Day” – September 18th? Two guys in a podcast studio decided to capture great memories but with a vehicular flairs! Be sure to join a great episode of 2GuysTalkingCars, as lifelong Car Guy Ron Reilling & Pop Culture TV/Movie Nostalgia Zealot take on the world of – The Batmobile. Which one is your favorite? What topped THEIR collective lists? There’s only ONE WAY to find out and it starts with listening to this episode of 2GuysTalkingCars!

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