Healthy Young Athlete Podcast: A Blood Test to Deduce Concussions?

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Sports, in particular those considered “contact sports” have a lingering, always-present nemesis – Concussions. For those that haven’t ever had one, imagine a thudding headache, but then also having an ongoing aversion to sound, light, motion and even the most loved one’s voice. For those that have had them, they are impactful, they will push every pause button you have and can linger a long time. While the initial and latent impacts of concussions vary, there’s something on the horizon that has graced the pages of studies and rumor that could indicate a significant change in thinking when it comes to concussions. Could there actually be a BLOOD TEST that will indicate whether or not you have a concussion? Time to listen to the most-recent episode of The Healthy Young Athlete Podcast where Dr. Mark Halstead details everything he’s heard of about this potential fix for the conundrum of concussion…

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