Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast: Another Look at Nutrition and Athletes - This Time, Supplements...

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The last 10 months as COVID-19 has taken hold of aspects of everything, have shown us how vital networking, neuroplasticity and focus is when it comes to enduring as an organization. The concept of bringing people from a variety of aspects, all with very different skill sets, focuses and resource points isn’t a new one, but when it comes to research projects that you simply can’t do on your own – The PRiSM Society is one that all everyone that’s interested in fostering the health and development of every young athlete on the planet should learn more about. Dr. Mark Halstead welcomes a number of guests inside this mostrecent episode of The Pediatric Sports Mediciine Podcast to detail it all as well as the rich experience of an upcoming conference. Are you ready to learn, grow, and converge with people who are as excited about learning as much as you are?

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