Digitally Dispatched

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Television series nowadays are almost a crapshoot when it comes to quality. When you mix in the life and times of First Responders, the final results and quality controls are often “Hollywood’d” into oblivion. There’s a new program on ABC and Hulu streaming alled ‘Emergency Call” – taking us into the call dispatcher centers and sharing the perspective of 911 Dispatchers. What does THAT show give us? What does real-life Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore (host of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast) think about what’s being showcased? Join her and veteran OG Entertainment Podcaster Mike Wilkerson as they dissect each and every call inside this new ABC-based program. Time to gather important information about what’s “REAL”, what’s “Hollywood’d,” and what should be giving you a REAL LIFE reality check should you encounter it in real life! It’s The Perspective Review of Emergency Call – A Real-Life Police Dispatcher Reacts to Season 1, Episode 1 of Emergency Call!

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