Digitally Dispatched Podcast: He and/or She's a Little Runaway...

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Times are tense in just about every home. Whether it’s something that’s been COVID-related, or something that was initiated years ago and someone wants out of the situation, pressure at home – especially for today’s youth is immense. Sometimes, they run away. A Runaway sitiation is very seriously because with emotions runing so high on so many people’s parts, something gotta’ give and you’re going to need help. That’s where the 911 Dispatcher and local law enforcement can truly make a difference! You DON’T need to wait 24 hours to report someone has run away. You DON’T need to know where they went. You DO need to listen to this episode of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast, so that real-life 911 Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore can share with you the best practices to get those you love home safe and sound!

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