Scammers: Getting Educated by The Digitally Dispatched Podcast - Volume 1

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They have plagued us for decades, riding the most-recent technologies and social trends to make their mark and steal funds form every walk of life out there. They are one of the largest nuisances and continue to draw attention, ire and complaints around the globe. It’s easy to navigate each day that is impacted by SCAMMERS, but thankfully, you can share the details of your experience and help to build a history and log of their activities to help protect others. Ready to learn about the most-recent scams and scammers out there from a local Police Dispatcher? It’s one of the largest ongoing sources of information that continues to grow each month and 911 Dispatcher Lisa Moore has some great intel for you to protect yourself and those whom you love! It’s time for another episode of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast!

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