Healthy Young Athlete Podcast: Creating an Emergency Action Plan for Your Team

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The experience of team youth sports has evolved over the years, so much so that now the number of players, coaches, support people, parents, and attendees at events make it more important now than ever to have an Emergency Action Plan. Don’t have any idea what we’re talking about? You’re not alone. Most teams have a first aid kit. They have thought about emergencies. They may even have a defibrilator or access to one but – what is the PLAN when all things goes sideways? Who does what? Who gets called first beyond 911? Who connects with parents? Has the plan been rehearsed – ever – by the people that are going to have to pull of what can often be some of the most vital times in a person’s life? All of these questions, but also their answers and more are shared inside the most-recent episode of The Healthy Young Athlete Podcast! Join Dr. Mark Halstead inside this episode as he welcomes former firefighter, EMT and physician Dr.  Shane Miller as they detail it all for you and those you love who are participating in sports!

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