Digitally Dispatched: Do You Remember

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The technology of 911 has changed a lot since it’s inception in 1968, and as we arrive at just over 50 years since it’s initial creation, it’s time to take a look at what Hollywood has given us to showcase the system that literally connects us to the people that will save our lives. Be sure to check out this very special Perspective Review episode of 2013’s “The Call” starring Halle Berry, Michael Imperioli, and a number of other stars that have gone on to other things over the years. The true benefit of this review? You get to hear first-hand from a professional Police Dispatcher and professional Crisis Negotiator about what Hollywood got RIGHT, and – what was completely Hollywood’d-up to put a gorgeous, talented actress in peril. It’s all right here inside The Perspective Review of “The Call”(2013) – Directed by Brad Anderson.

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