Healthy Young Athlete Podcast: Your Child has Torn Their ACL, Now What? An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Beck, Paul Jenkins & Summer Runestad

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Those of you that have children in sports – or even multiple sports, know that – life happens. One minute, your young soccer player is running up and down the field trying to best their competitors, to kick the perfect shot, to raise their arms in celebration as the clock winds to a close – but instead: They’ve torn their ACL. Now a different clock – the one that begins the monitoring of their return to cleated glory begins to tick. Getting back on the horse or returning to the field isn’t just a saying, it is a process, experience and expertise that is discusssed in detail inside the most-recent episode of The Healthy Young Athlete Podcast, hosted by St. Louis-based sports pediatrician Dr. Mark Healstead. Dr. Halstead welcomes a panel of experts that include: Dr. Jennifer Beck, Paul Jenkins and Summer Runestad who deliver vital information that is ready to be shared with fellow parents and young athletes.

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