WadeSense: The Deployment of The Zola Initiative...
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When the men and women of our American military come home, they are often sent back home to resume the life they were living when they joined before the military began shaping their lives. Returning back home, being able to “flip the switch” back to what was is never easy. While there is often joy in returning home, how does one who was in charge of of large groups of soldiers, handling multi-million dollar pieces of machinery and taking on multi-mission days – make their way back inside the friendly confines of “home?” Finding jobs, resuming a life that doesn’t match skill sets, expectations or might even be alient are an all too common occurence for those returning home. What if there was an organization that can help former soldiers find a way back – to learn the skills, find the common experiences that allows them to share, unwind and avoid the dark pits that await far too many who can’t finrd a way forward? There is. It’s called The Zola Initiative, and is the sole-focus of this episode of WadeSense: The Perspectives, Possibilities and Potential Solutions of a local St. Louis Cab driver. Listen now to see how you can help our brave soldiers returning home find a path to positive by clicking the “Play” button above. Click Here to Review the Detailed Shownotes for this Program!