The Perspective Review of: American Graffitti (1973)

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Few things represent Americana, like the real and often considered care-free world of the 1950’s. If you’re looking for a film that showcases not only the young careers of young actors, you’ll also be created to the skill sets of a young director, production designer, and many more inside of 1973’s “American Graffiti. What do you remember from this film? Are you a “Car Guy?” Do you remember which vehicles are shared inside this movie? There’s a lot to talk about and Pop Culture Guy Mike, and Car Guys Ron and Mike take you on a time travel adventure that hearkens back to yesteryear. Ready to twist, like we id last summer when drive-ins were common place, drag racing was king, and no one knew what tomorrow held? It’s time for the Perspective Review of American Graffiti, directed by George Lucas, starring a cavalcade of not-yet-famous actors!

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