The Animal Academy Podcast: Veterinary Cancer Research That Impacts Human Oncology & More...

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While it can be said that we’ve been “working on a cure” for Cancer for a long time, the fact is that most of the time, our work in regard to Cancer is more about finding ways to deal with quality of life and it’s lasting after effects a better experience in general for those who have experienced it – whether they have two legs or four legs. Veterinary Oncology is a massive subject, as are the clinical trials that make it all happen. Inside this episode of The Animal Academy Podcast, host Allison White shares a grand conversation with Kim Selting, DVM, who talks aboug a wide variety of topics that range from the focuses of her ongoing education, to the impact of clinical trials, to how you can involve your pets into the valued research processes near year. Ready to learn a lot from an incredibly talanted guest? It’s time for another episode of The Animal Academy Podcast!

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