Digitally Dispatched: The Case of the Suburban Samurai...

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Few things are made today that require the finely honed skill sets and precision that craft a Samurai Sword. The folded metal, the ornate engravings representing previous generations, the hilt that leads to a handle wrapped in glorious sheeps– oh who are we kidding. We’re talking about a cheap reproduction here, a gent that doesn’t want to get a job, a girlfriend with no integrity and a Mom that wants them to be responsible. Add in a small town in Flyoversville, USA. What could possibly go wrong? It’s time for another episode of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast, where veteran Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore shares her insight, stories and the lessons she’s learned after 20+ years sending first responders to help people like you. This time, it’s “The Case of the Suburban Samurai…”

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