The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast: ACL Education - The MOON & MARS Multicenter Research Groups

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The brilliance of ACL Reconstruction Services isn’t just that you’re literally rebuilding tissue, hopes and futures – sure, but what about being able to gauge effectiveness when it comes to the injuries, candidates, processes, results and on-going upkeep of the surgeries themselves? It’s a lot of work. It requires an extraordinary amount of detail, but much like a digital ant colony, there is hope in collecting information en mass with the help of many, to help understand and provide the best solutions to those with future needs. The most-recent episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast provides you with a sample of how mass data collection and focus can and is changing the medical world around us. Join Dr. Mark Halstead, as he details the MOON and MARS Multicenter Research Groups to help physicians understand how to help more people, with better operations and lasting results. Learn the value of research in another great episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast…

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