Digitally Dispatched: Driving + Anger = DANGER

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So you’re driving down the road and suddenly – a bold rear fender and a pair of taillights suddenly occupy not only your attention span, but your essence. The anger swells from within a deep recess of the top of your shoulder blades, and makes it’s way towards your eyebrows. From there, it cascades down to your nose which gnarls into something that should be featured on the front of a werewolf poster rather than a human face. Finally, the dark spirits make their way to your mouth and vocal chords which – in tandem – create one of a series of possible retorts that just might begin to tamp down that rabid sense of “being fierce” that now is front and center on your personal control dashboard. You are experiencing Road Rage. Whether you’ve been the one initiating it, or happen to have been on the receiving end of it’s many flavors, it’s one of the most destructive driving experiences there is. It is filled with consequences, perspectives and in far too many cases – violence. Time to listen to a 20+ year Police Dispatcher as she shares the tales and lessons of Road Rage during the most-recent episode of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast with host Lisa Moore…

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